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Nightie-night Time Serum

My Favourite thing to do on weekends is indulging in some healthier homemade treats. This past week I made myself some after dinner palate cleansing lemon tarts.

Before tucking into them and flicking through Netflix, I decided to complete my night-time beauty regime and as usual always finishing off with Kathleen Natural’s Amazing White Illuminating Serum.

Kathleen Natural, our very own homegrown British company. All of their products are Organically certified and Made in the UK, it’s no wonder this product piqued my interest.

The serum has been heralded as a “major advance in beauty for youthful radiance” by Tatler UK. It also had made the Editors Choice for Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017.

Personally, I can tell you the natural fragrance from this serum is so calming. It instantly relaxes you and prepares you for the ultimate pamper night in. I can happily eat my guilt-free lemon tarts while watching Riverdale and feel confident that my skin is being treated to a non-toxic pamper party. Can you hear my long sigh of relief? Oh yes, ladies, this is a ‘Spa-caytion’ in a bottle.

Over 12 enriched natural extracts provide intense hydration and I’ve been using it now for over a month. I can’t get enough of those essential oils and have seen the pigmentation on my cheeks diminish. Overall my skin looks brighter and the best part is I haven’t had any breakouts which sometimes happens when using rich cream serums.

If you would like to give it a go at 20% off here is the link Kathleen Natural Illuminating White Serum


Why should we go natural?

Since becoming a mum to my teeny tiny, I’ve learned how important it is to eat clean and pay attention to the heavy metals in some non-organic beauty products. These heavy metals can be easily absorbed into the skin and affect our immune system adversely.

Before I embarked on sampling these products I was plagued with the stigma that comes with organic beauty products…that they are somewhat less effective. However, I’ve realised since, that if you take into account the long-term benefits to your overall well being, a little patience is undoubtedly worth the wait.

Saying that, why should we have to choose between natural and high performance?

 My impatient self only can deal with products that deliver. I’ve picked two of my favourite organic products that have been on repeat lately just in case you are looking to go organic for the first time. Both these products are results driven. They offer your skin hydration and a beautiful luminosity.

Day Time Moisturiser

Tata Harper is another brand that I have been curious about. It has already developed a Celebrity following, making cameo appearances on Gwyneth (Paltrow)’s blog GOOP.

The idea of this farm to face diamond dust illuminator works perfectly under makeup for my daytime moisturiser. I also love to dab a little on my cheekbones for a strobing effect which makes for a great alternative to conventional highlighters if you decide to go make up free for the day. This moisturiser cum highlighter is light and seeps seamlessly into my skin. It has hyaluronic acid which helps to maintain the moisture in your skin and promotes dewy plumpness.

If you would like to try it click on the product image below!


Photography and Styling | Shan Lee


Hope you have a lovely week ahead my lovelies!

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