How about an Oxygen Facial at Home?






How about an Oxygen Facial At Home?

If you are a mum juggling your career and managing your home affairs, time is certainly not your friend. Even if you aren’t a mum but are keen on restoring youthful brightness and vibrancy to your complexion in a matter of minutes, the Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial [ Try it|Here]is a must-try for tired complexions.

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When I first received this product I was intrigued but sceptical, can it really make a difference in 5 minutes?

To be honest, I had not come across the brand before but upon further inspection, I discovered that the brand is from the creators of NeoStrata Company, Inc., Drs. Van Scott and Yu. They are internationally recognised for making the groundbreaking discovery that Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)  have a profound beneficial effect on human skin.

The Trial

After cleansing my face I slowly pumped a dollop of it on my finger. Mooshed it around waiting in anticipation for the bubbles to form and they did! Why I wasn’t expecting them to, I do not know, but when they did I felt like a toddler seeing bubbles for the first time.

Alright, I wasn’t going to hold back, I slathered it all over my face and watched with a knot in my belly as my whole face was having a foam party. Oh yes re-energise my cells, stimulate that collagen, give me some of that molecular Oxygen! The feeling was excitingly different and tingly as the bubbles popped on my skin and foam diminished on its own without having to wash it off. No, these weren’t the ordinary sort that you get from lathering up they were something I’d never experienced before.


I’ve been using it 3-4 times a week for over a month now and what I’ve truly noticed is the reduction in the size of my pores. My skin is typically sensitive to abrasive cleansers and this acts as a great alternative to a scrub for detoxification. No redness or sensitivity at all! Win!

I found that instantly after its use, my skin was smoother and felt softer. Above all, it’s a fair-priced version of an Oxygen Facial in the comfort of your own home for women on-the-go!

If you are considering giving it a go it is available here on sale | Save £10, £20 or £30 on your order in the Effortless Skin ultimate summer sale. Ends 15.07.2018. USE the codes SUN10, SEA20 and SAND30 Respectively.


Exuviance Vespera Bionic Serum

Now in my 30s, I’ve been noticing the most common signs of photo-ageing on my skin. Oh, the dreaded fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, uneven pigmentation, dullness, rough texture and the loss of firmness. After using the Oxygen facial I followed with this serum every night targeting areas around my mouth and forehead.

This anti-ageing serum contains a mild AHA Mandelic Acid alongside a PHA blend of Lactobionic Acid and Gluconolactone to gently remove dead or damaged cells. Marine botanicals are present to strengthen the skins protective barrier.

I was pleasantly surprised that it did not aggravate my skin. In contrast, I’ve used other acid-based products that have turned my skin red and itchy. Noticeably, my pores have been considerably reduced with skin texture greatly improved. Pigmentation on my cheeks have lightened and fine lines on my forehead are less visible. It is a little sticky and best used only at night for it to work its wonders. Finally, I find its most effective when used with the Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facia.

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Found it here on sale|

Save £10, £20 or £30 on your order in the Effortless Skin ultimate summer sale. Ends 15.07.2018.

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