7 Must Have Beauty Products For Every Mum


7 Must-Have Beauty Products For Every Mum | Skin and Hair Care

Hello, my Lovelies, in light of International Women’s day and Mother’s day tomorrow I thought I would share my favourite products that I find my skin drawn to after cycles of changing products up to keep my skin guessing and of course my new healthy hair discovery! All these products I found were the rescue team for new mums especially.


IS Clinical Cleansing Complex

I first was introduced to this product by a highly acclaimed beauty expert and had no idea what to expect. I ordered my very first bottle and needless to say I’m hooked, now on my third. This is especially great when your skin is going haywire during those months of hormonal imbalance during pregnancy or even just before you surf that crimson wave post pregnancy.

It keeps breakouts at bay in general even for those who aren’t mummies yet and is great for warm climates particularly where your skin is prone to excess oil and breakouts. In the travel bag, it goes over Easter, as we are heading to warmer climates Weee! Sorry, a little sidetracked there. Watch the instantaneous dissolution of  London’s grime melt away with a tiny 10p sized dollop. Amazing stuff, believe me, you’ll be getting compliments in no time.

To survive London’s harsh winters recently, I paired this with the products below to keep my skin supple and hydrated and most importantly blemish free. Yippee!

[For more product information click on the image below]

IS Clinical White Lightening Complex

Freckles and Pigmentation spots have always been the bain of my skin’s life. I have seen my mum battle with her pigmentation issues accompanying her to the skin specialists and watching her endure some not entirely painless laser treatments. So to spare my face the pain I was advised to start treating those discolourations as soon as its visible.

In Asia, they have full ranges dedicated to saving your skin from sun damage and darkening. So.. As I’m not a dedicated umbrella-toting shade chaser, hence to brave the inevitable effects of the sun, I’m keen to try anything that is painless and effective that will even out the colour my skin. Only a tiny pea sized drop to be dotted on the affected area.

[Click on the image below for more product information]

Sarah Chapman Age Repair Serum

This is an oldie but a goody, a serum, that I keep seeing on a rotation in my daily beauty regime. Consequently, I’ve been layering this on in place of a moisturiser at night and finishing it off with my Omorovicza Gold Night Drops [See Below].


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Omorovicza Gold Night Drops

This new discovery was kindly gifted to me to try out for as long as required before leaving it to me whether or not to review it. Yes, their products are that good that no obligations were necessary. I’m sure they knew I would love it! So here I am gleefully typing away with excitement as to how much I love this product and by the looks of the image so does the team at Vogue!

I’ve been using these Gold drops religiously for about four months now [yes I took my time before deciding to review it, 3 months exclusively as my night cream and 1 month combined with the serum above].

I love the clever mechanism in the pipette. It dispenses just the right amount when you twist the top shut for the next use. How Brilliant! They think of everything!

Most of all, I hit my pillow with a gorgeous fragrance lulling me to sleep and wake up feeling like a new woman. My forehead lines greatly diminished and even to my surprise, I get mistaken for a student. A huge grin plastered on this mummy’s face. Thank you little wonder drops! As my toddler would say, ” More Please!”.

[More product info when you click on the image below]


Imedeen Vitamin C and Collagen Shots

No time in your schedule for that vitamin C drip or Viva Mayr Retreat here is quite literally a more pocket-friendly version. Oh yes, this thumb-sized cute little bottle fits in the tiniest clutch, oh even that Louis Vuitton Petite Malle, before they tweaked it. A great pre-event boost for lustrous hair, skin and nails.

Omorovicza Gold Eye Lift

To be honest, nothing beats a decent night’s sleep and much-needed rest particularly for mums with newborns or active kids. Although not all people have that luxury of taking an evening far from the constant tugging and screaming of our beloved offspring. Fancy being caught taking a tiny bit longer in the bathtub in hopes that the husband or nanny [whichever boat you’re in] wouldn’t be counting down the minutes. No fear, albeit life cannot provide you with a possibility, nevertheless, a decent eye cream would at the very least keep you from looking like you haven’t slept a wink.

[More product info when you click on the image]

Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements

Lastly, with a flurry of new mummy friends DM-ing me on Instagram seeking advice on how to get your hair groove back after pregnancy. I thought I’d share my new discovery in these little gems to shinier healthier hair.

Oh, I’ve been there, floor riddled with strands of hair; your pet peeve in cleaning out clogged showers has come back to haunt you. Pregnancy certainly changes our bodies in so many ways. We have no choice but to embrace the changes and cherish the positives. Though do give these babies a try! They’ve done wonders for my over styled and heavily bleached and processed post delivery hair situation. I hope it helps you as much as it has me! [Link to product info above]

With that, I shall sign off. If you’re a mummy Happy Mother’s Day in advance! If you aren’t I’m sure your mummy will be thrilled to try some of these rescue solutions or perhaps some Mother’s Gift Ideas Here

We all want to preserve what we were born with at every age, Don’t we?

Let me know if you decide to try them! I would love to hear from you! Hit me up on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!


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