In the Mood For Love Macaroons

Hello my lovelies, Trust you had a lovely Valentine’s Day! If you are still feeling in the mood for love this weekend, I’ve decided to share with you one of the recipes I adapted from my days as a student at Le Cordon Bleu. The best part about macaroons is that it’s naturally Gluten Free and if you make it at home you can choose to reduce the amount of caster sugar if you so choose.

“Your Flaws Are Perfect For the Heart That’s Meant to Love You”

With that in mind be kind when you judge my macaroons, I’m merely an amateur baker 🙂

Le Cordon Bleu’s Italian Macaroon Recipe

135g Ground Almonds

135g Icing Sugar

90g Egg Whites

180g Caster Sugar

55g Water

55g egg whites to adjust consistency

Red Food Gel Colouring


  1. Preheat Oven to 140 Degrees Celsius
  2. Sieve Ground Almonds and Icing sugar. They advised us at Le Cordon Bleu to sieve it several times in spite of using high quality finely ground almond flour. I have also tried to blitz almonds in a food processor to make my own but it is very difficult to get it to the fine texture required and at times it has resorted in a bumpy pimply macaroon.
  3. Cook the caster sugar and the water at 114 Degrees Celsius and pour over the whipped egg whites. Be sure to be precise with the temperature using a Candy Thermometer when you take it off the heat.
  4. Add the Dry Mix to the Italian Meringue in 2 inclusions slowly folding or “macaronner” the mixture in until smooth and shiny.
  5. If necessary adjust the consistency with some liquid egg whites. We are looking for a magma-like consistency.
  6. Add a small amount of gel colour to the mixture with a toothpick adding more as you go until desired colour is reached. Note that it will develop slightly darker than the initial mixture.
  7. This next step was not taught to me at Le Cordon Bleu as they only teach traditionally shaped macaroons. Use a heart-shaped silicone mat and pipe heart macaroons. Tap the tray gently so as to not let the heart lose its shape. Use a pastry needle to remove any air bubbles and to shape the pointed tip at the bottom of the heart.
  8. To prevent your macaroon from cracking you may wish to leave the shells to dry for about 45mins before baking.Although Le Cordon Bleu does not advise this specifically, from my home baking experience it may allow for a more consistent result if you are an amateur baker like me or just starting out.
  9. Bake for 15 -18 mins.
  10. If your shells are stuck do not attempt to remove them it just means that they are underbaked and you should return them to the oven at a low temperature of 120 Degrees Celsius for a further 5-10 mins.
  11. Remove and place in an air tight container in the refrigerator before piping the filling the next day.

Lazy Chefs Rasberry Chocolate Filling

185 g of organic raspberry jam which you can make yourself if you are keen on controlling your sugar intake or if want a quick fix Bonne Maman works perfectly too.

200g Organic White Chocolate

  1. Melt the chocolate in a bowl set over simmering water (Bain Marie). Be careful to not overcook the chocolate.
  2. Fold in the raspberry jam until thoroughly mixed.
  3. Refrigerate overnight.
  4. The next day, remove from the refrigerator and set aside for 10 mins until it is of piping consistency.
  5. Fill the macaroon shells.

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Happy Baking!

Do let me know how you get on in the comments below or on Instagram.

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