Revamp Your Designer Wardrobe for Next To Nothing

Revamp Your Designer Wardrobe for Next To Nothing


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So here’s something I’ve been waiting to share for awhile. What better way to kick off the New Year (finally, sorry about the wait!), than a brand new wardrobe! A girlfriend relayed to me one fine day, on an afternoon tea break, how enviable fashion bloggers wardrobes were. How it seemed impossible for the rest of us to compete without having a wardrobe that was a bottomless pit.

Well, it got me thinking, we may just have you strutting away with a brand new coveted item without spending an extra penny. Yes, it sure seems too good to be true! You CAN be well-heeled without maxing out that credit card.

Whether you are a Margot Tenenbaum with an eye for vintage Dior pieces of Travel Luggage or set on jazzing up your stride in Manolos, get ready for your wardrobe detox!


There’s no shame in it! Recycle your wardrobe. Declutter the Marie Kondo way-saying Sayonara to items that no longer spark joy and who would say no to up to 70% of the original sales price in return?

I know the thought is rather daunting and there are so many fears that usually keep a procrastinator from selling rather than donating or throwing away.  A self-confessed hoarder that has an emotional attachment to EVERYTHING? Don’t worry I’ve been there.

What if I make a sale and the buyer returns a different counterfeit item claiming it was mine? Yes, that has happened to me personally on a popular selling platform. How do I make the sale safely and get paid? How long will it take to sell? Will it even sell?

Selling Hacks for Savvy Girls


Know Your Platforms

Choose a platform that is suitable for your product. If you are a fashion lover and are looking to sell luxury designer items it goes without saying you will not be selling well on a platform suited to highstreet fashion lovers.

 Vestiaire Collective is my go-to for unloading and purchasing luxury items.

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They have a community of over 6 million fashion lovers and over 2500 brands available on the site.

Though brands that sell best are:

Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Burberry, Hermès, Saint Laurent, Valentino, Dior, Balenciaga and Gucci. What I love about the platform is the mobile alert service where you are notified every time there is interest in your item. Never miss that sale!

Be Brand Selective

So now we know what sells well, why not keep that in mind when deciding what items to purchase the next time you are treating yourself to that new bag or aviator jacket. Sticking to timeless brands will ensure that your items will be forever popular. Of the moment brands may require some serious hustling on your part so timing the sale will be crucial.

Plan Ahead

Let’s be real I never used to do this – save receipts, as I hardly sold anything and did more buying than selling though after numerous hoarder jibes from Mr Nomad I decided to embark on a wardrobe detox and have attempted to maintain a capsule collection.

Saving receipts will give the purchaser confidence that the items are genuine and will be proof of the purchase price and location. Vestiaire Collective also has an expert in-house quality and counterfeit control team which vets 100% of the items sold on their platform. Phew! I hear your sighs of relief too.

Care for your Items

Use those dust bags, garment bags, leather protectant sprays, rain covers and be mindful of colour transfer on jeans.

Stick to Wearable Colours

If you are looking for a fast sale build your collection around wearable colours that aren’t anything too wild as it will appeal to a wider customer base. The only exception to this is if you are selling one of kind limited edition pieces, a  Hermes Crocodile Birkin – a niche item like this may just call for a pop of colour.

Time Your Sale | Season Dependent

For of the moment brands, don’t wait too long to sell your item to maximise your return. One or two seasons past is the longest you should wait. With more timeless brands perhaps four seasons ago is still doable.

Keep in mind your season also for sales, as we are heading into spring, why not pull out all those items that aren’t getting their cost per wear and be ready for that floaty dress frenzy. It is best always to start selling for the season early rather than offloading late into the season that way you can even buy yourself a new piece perhaps to take you through that season.

Visuals Are Everything

Photos say a thousand words. So make sure you get snapping away. Note the best angles and lighting that is true to the original colour. Even document imperfections, as it will help your buyer make their decision and ensure the item isn’t returned to you.

Price matters and Describe Honestly

The easiest way to know how much your item is worth is by assessing similar items that are being sold on that platform, in this case, Vestiaire Collective and its condition. If you want a fast sale price fairly.

Build your online seller reputation by describing honestly. Buyers are looking for honest sellers and you are likely to attract more if your descriptions are accurate.


Vip Concierge

If the idea of selling is still all too much for you. Just kick up your feet with that bottle of bubbly and call on Vestiaire Collective’s end-to-end concierge that ensures a seamless and fuss-free selling experience. They can even manage the ‘make an offer’ section of your store, so you don’t have to deal with individual bids on your items. Oh yes, girls let’s sashay away with that brand new wardrobe. I know I’ve got my eye on that new Zimmermann playsuit and Chanel vanity case.

Let me know how you get on in the comments below or on Instagram, I would love to hear from you!



This post was in collaboration with Vestiaire Collective. Though opinions are all my own.



Photography | Michaela Efford

Wardrobe Image Credit | Shopstyle Collective

Styling and Everything Else | Shan Lee

Vestiaire Collective


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