Pucker Up with Lipstick Queen

Pucker Up with Lipstick Queen

Lipstick Queen Nude Metal

Altered Universe Lip Gloss In Space Cadet

Frog Prince Cream Blush

Our New Discovery

My favourite thing to do on the weekend after making my family a cooked breakfast and some hot vitamin enriched green tea is to dive into all my beauty post for that week and to have fun testing all the products. Only my favourites ever make it on the blog.

I’ve also just started doing these informal bathroom chats to share with you my honest reactions to trying products for the first time. I thought it would give you an alternative to images and you can see how easy the products apply and its actual shade on camera (do let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Instagram if this is of any help and something I should continue to do).

If you’ve been browsing our posts on the blog you can probably realise that I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and the colour pink so I was instantly drawn to the matte fuschia products first and it turns out that these are Lipstick Queen’s star products.

The Frog Prince

How many Frogs do you need to kiss to find your Prince? For most of us, Many.

On the subject of Princes – Are you as excited about the Royal wedding in Spring as I am?

I’m so looking forward to hopefully spotting the beautiful bride-to-be in our neighbourhood Wholefoods- wish this little stalker luck! I am so not one of those straight-faced blasé people who sail around without any fan-girl moments.

Anyhoo, Unlike the likes of Ms Markle, the rest of us may just have to settle with The Frog Prince instead.

With a formula developed in Canada, the Frog Prince Lipstick glides on seamlessly just like a lip balm and feels like a lip treatment. I was so surprised at how comfortable this felt on my lips. At first, wondering if this PH Level adapting lipstick was just a gimmick. But surprisingly, It was really moisturising and a perfect pop of reddy-pink to stash in my handbag. Ready to whip out whenever the weather is unforgivably harsh on my lips.

It just felt so good on. I kept re-applying without much care and got a tad bit carried away ( do check out the video below). I am positive you really don’t need as much as that! The great thing about it was that as it wasn’t actually coloured I didn’t even need a mirror- great for those fuss-free ladies who are constantly on the go.

I’ve been using mine on those lazy days or when I’m in a rush and have no time for makeup just slap on like a lip balm. A quick dab of the Frog Prince Cream Blush and I look like I took my time with it- Amazing. Well played, Lipstick Queen, well played.

Nude Metal and Altered Universe Gloss

Looking to add kissable volume to your lips? Try the Nude Metal by Lipstick Queen it’s a shimmery nude that has a glistening effect which seemed to make my lips subtly fuller without any plumping ingredients. I popped on a lick of Altered Universe Lip Gloss In Space Cadet, highlighting and contouring specifically in the middle of the top and lower lip.

 Oh Yes! Before I forget there’s Free delivery when you spend over £30 this holiday season! Stocking stuffers anyone? Happy Weekend My Lovelies!




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