Flower Child

Flower child

The best way to unwind is a skip and hop over to the nearest park where wildflowers grow abundantly (one of the best things I love about London). Channeling my hippie spirit with all things it symbolises, peace, love and a free spirit, I kick off my pastel heels and sink my feet into the soft grass. The only thing missing is a banjo playing posse of friends. Nevermind that, out pops my phone with the Headspace app, perfect for those moments you need to just be…  taking in the gentle rustling of leaves in the breeze, the dewy grass beneath my feet, I find myself ensconced in the scent of wildflowers and Oh yes I may just do a little lonesome dance for the heck of it. Helloooooo summer! We have missed you!.

If you are following me on Instagram you probably can guess my favorite flowers are hydrangeas. My grandma used to grow them so beautifully in her garden and I’ve always loved them growing up. What are your favorites?

Flower crowns are also a reminder of my childhood pretending to be forest garden nymph fashioning my own from some wire, paper flowers and gardeners tape something which was also taught to me by my grandma come to think of it. These days they are so readily available online and just a click away. No, they are not only reserved for toddlers at weddings. I love them for festivals or even garden parties when I’m getting the hippie tick. Try one on and you’ll be prancing around barefoot all summer long!


Oh these pretty flower crowns

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