How to DIY your own herbal infused eyelash growth serum

Lash-ing Out of Luck

Whether you are looking to simply pamper your lashes, treat them after a pregnancy or desperate to send them to an emergency care unit for abused lashes (Yes, Me!), this DIY serum will come in real handy. It also works well on brows.

A little bit of a backstory…  I decided to give my usually sparse and straight lashes a little boost with extensions at a new salon last week. Unfortunately, the therapist applied them far too close to the root of my own lashes (always ensure that this isn’t done if you are getting extensions). As a result, after a few days, I found the weight of the extensions weighed heavily on my own and the movement during showers would loosen the roots of my lashes. Clumps of my own lashes were ripped from the root after a few nights sleep of pillow wars. I was mortified, to say the least, and now have bald sections along my lash line. There was much frantic flapping of arms and inner screams as I examined my lashes up close in the mirror.

As luck would have it, my usual lash serum had completely sold out (though, now available Here and for eyebrows Here), so I decided to make my own.

It turns out, there were a few recipes I stumbled upon online that included essential oils. However, after looking up the safety of essential oils for use near your eye, I decided against its use altogether as using essential oils can cause all sorts of nasty issues, including allergic reactions and in serious cases, even damage to the cornea itself.

Let’s preserve our eyes, shall we?

As an alternative to essential oils, we came up with a herbal infused concoction.

Let me know how you get on with the recipe below!

Can’t wait to see you flutter those lush lashes!

Charlotte Tilbury (UK)

Hair Growth Ingredients

100% Cold Pressed Organic Castor Oil | Get it Here

100% Pure Organic Castor Oil – Hexane Free – Premium Oil With Incredible Benefits For Hair, Skin & Nails – Lash & Brow Growth, Split End Repair, Fade Fine Lines, Heal Scars – by Foxbrim 4OZ

Castor oil is rich in Omega 6, packed with vitamins, nutrients and proteins. This oil was even used by Egyptians to fight baldness!

Extra Virgin Coconut oil | Get it Here

1 Litre Coconut Merchant Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Coconut oil has been known for its ability to care for skin, hair and nails for centuries. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, coconut oil can breathe new life into your eyebrows and eyelashes. Many mothers in Asia including my own swear by rubbing coconut oil on their babies heads for a hair growth boost.

Pure Emu Oil | Get it Here

PURE EMU Oil, 100% Pure, 4 oz-120 ml. For Face, Hair, Body and Nails. Great for Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Eczema, Brittle Nails, Dry Hair & Scalp, Burns, Pain, Stretch Marks, Rosacea, Cuts, Scars, Anti- Aging and More! by Botanical Beauty

Emu Oil is highly anti-inflammatory, moisturising, promotes skin regeneration, noncomedogenic (does not clog pores) and also promotes lash growth.

Emu oil won’t be for everyone since it’s not a plant-based oil. It actually comes from the rendered and refined fat of the emu bird so if you’re a vegan (and only use vegan beauty products), leave this one out.

Sweet Almond Oil | Get it Here

Naissance Sweet Almond Oil 250ml 100% Pure
Sweet almond oil can not only be an amazing skin moisturiser but also it can be applied to your eyelashes and eyebrows to make them grow faster, nourish and prevent them from falling out. Rich in vitamins, monosaturated fats, calcium and magnesium, sweet almond oil is a fantastic natural beauty ingredient.

Vitamin E oil (optional)

There are several recipes floating around the internet that include Vitamin E oil, though none have warned you of the possibility of irritation. Be sure to check the labels on the oil as many I have found are not suitable for use near the eye and can cause irritation. If you would like to add this only a very small amount of this oil should be used and ensure that you use a mascara wand or clean micro paint brush to ensure a precise application as much as possible.

Lavender Buds, Rosemary and Thyme For Infusion (optional)

Lavender has been known to encourage hair growth in patients suffering from alopecia.

However, essential oils can be toxic even on skin let alone near your eye! Even for use on the scalp, a few drops have to be combined with other oils such as cedar or jojoba to be used as a hair tonic.

For a lash growth serum, I found it is better to infuse the castor and coconut oil with lavender buds, fresh rosemary and thyme all of which promote blood circulation in the hair follicles rather than including these essentials oils in your mixture.

*Note | Always buy ingredients from reputable retailers and ensure that they have no other additives and check all labels before use. Always carry out a small skin sensitivity patch test before prolonged usage.


  1. Pour equal parts of castor oil and coconut oil (oils which react well with heat), into a small, clean microwaveable container (3 tablespoons of each oil will do).
  2. Optional: add in the herb infusion (ensure you thoroughly clean the herbs before infusing them). 1/2 tablespoon each of Fresh Lavender Buds, Rosemary and Thyme
  3. Microwave on low heat for 6 mins. Leave to cool completely and steep for 1 hr. Ensuring that it is covered with a muslin while it is infusing to prevent contamination.
  4. After the mixture has cooled completely, strain to remove the herbs. Done best with a clean muslin.
  5. Add 2 tablespoons each of the remaining emu and sweet almond oils to the mixture.
  6. Optional: Add 2 tiny droplets of the vitamin E liquid. Mix well with sterilised pipette.
  7. Funnel the mixture into several empty mascara tubes. Get the kit |  8ml Empty Mascara Tube with Eyelash Wand, Rubber Inserts, Funnels and Transfer Pipettes Set for Castor Oil, DIY Mascara Container, Eyelash Cream Container Bottle

I like to apply mine every night just before bed to cleansed lashes.

I’m also trying out these lash enhancing mascaras with coffee extract Here | Water- Resistant Award Winning Lash enhancing mascaras.

Hope you enjoy making this as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing it with you!

Photography and Styling | Shan Lee





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