What to wear to a summer wedding?

Wedding Guest Attire

With summer sunbeams duly comes prettily embossed wedding post from couples eager to take advantage of our short British summers and somewhat predictable weather for the next few months.

As a wedding guest, a fine line lies between looking sassy so as to not blend seamlessly in with your nan but also not to stretch those boundaries of potentially religious affiliations too far (leave those cleavage bearing dresses with huge cut-outs and ripped fishnets for another day; if ever at all).

The Unspoken Rules

Even if the Bride isn’t one of the Bridezilla types and acts as though she has no preference as to the dress code, always be respectful of her day. You are there for the couple and SHE should be the Belle of the Ball.

1. Never wear white

As tempting as it might be in summer to break out your vacation whites leave it for dinner in the Amalfi Coast. The only exception to this rule is if it’s an All White Soiree.

2. Be Mindful of Religious and Cultural Affiliations

Aim to keep attire conservative and appropriate. Therefore bare arms and too much leg in a Catholic church or a Muslim Solemnisation ceremony may just get you the kind of attention you wouldn’t welcome. Likewise, wearing black to a wedding to most may be perfectly acceptable but to a traditional Chinese couple and their family, it may just be seen to bring bad luck (if in doubt check with other guests or friends before breaking out your LBD).

Now onto the fun stuff! We’ve broken the options down to the venue to ensure that you will be that best-dressed guest, without the stress!


Beach Wedding

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Roland Mouret


Church Wedding


Garden Daytime Wedding

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Formal Reception Dinner






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