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When you think Gabrielle Chanel, wheat doesn’t spring immediately to mind.  Though, If you saunter into her apartment at rue Cambon, her suite at the Ritz or in her home in La Pausa wheat is present in all forms, wood, bronze and even a Dali painting. 

The Soiree

I had the pleasure of being invited to a lovely soiree held at the Chanel Bond Street Store. You can probably tell by the expression on my face that I’m about to burst with excitement but just trying my very best to stay cool and pretend like this happens to me daily. Masking my Cheshire cat grin is not my strong point, clearly.

The three-storeyed store was transformed with handwoven wheat imported from France. The fashion elite, decked out in feather skirts and sky high heels dripping in jewels of every cut and colour were dotted about like majestic statues that added to the splendour.

Gorgeous men and women sashayed their way across the floor, popping truffle macarons into their mouths as they went, sporadically stopping to hear the pianist and saxophonist play, whilst they deliberated on the pieces they would take into the private rooms to try on.

I was lucky enough to attend with one of my best girlfriends and we had an amazing time ogling at jewels whilst having our fill of beef tartare, gold leaf brownies, giggles and France’s finest. We even got our very own French wheat artisan to weave up a lovely keepsake for good luck.

One of the best presentations I’ve been to, Thank you, Chanel!

The Collection

The fine jewellery collection Les Bles de CHANEL was nothing short of stunning.

It is a collection of 62 pieces designed by one in-house jewellery designer, with wheat as its fundamental element. It symbolises prosperity, abundance, luck and endless creativity.

To Gabrielle Chanel, wheat represented all that was wholesome and good, an expression her father would remind her of when she was little that has always stayed with her.

The timepiece above, Moisson d’Or is set in 18k white gold with 13 marquise-cut diamonds, 365 brilliant-cut diamonds, 7 brilliant-cut yellow sapphires and 119 sapphire beads.  It’s a definite contender as an heirloom piece that would be treasured for generations.

The necklace and the Camelia ring I have chosen to feature below is not from this latest collection but a classic with its Camelia and Japanese cultured pearls. I mean to me, it doesn’t get more Chanel than that and I was instantly charmed by its beauty.

Legende De Ble ring is set with 6 marquise-cut diamonds and 105 brilliant cut diamonds.

The Moisson de Perles bracelet is set with 239 brilliant cut diamonds,4 pear-cut diamonds and 32 Japanese culture pearls. Both pieces are set in white gold and are my favourites in the collection.

This ring and bracelet set is so wearable that you should get your cost per wear out of them and it wouldn’t be stowed away only to stare at the four walls of your safe. Timeless. Classic and Elegant.

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Photography and Styling | Shan Lee


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