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To those of you who are mummies, hope you all had a lovely Mother’s Day yesterday my fashion bunnies!

 As mother’s day has just past, I thought I’d mention how easy it is to be arm deep in dishes, buried in laundry, have a little one tugging at your stretchy pants demanding every minute of your attention, to forget to take a minute for yourself.

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger observed the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzche and of course made famous by Kelly Clarkson. We’ve all been there, daily broken night’s sleep with no option for nanny help or even help from family, for geographical reasons, no fault of theirs. Your plans to stroll around the corner to pick up a fresh baguette and head to that Hot Yoga class is rapidly fading.

You are allowed to take care of yourself

“Nothing prepares a first-time mother for the distress of hearing her baby cry” explains baby wellness expert Angela Spencer. It is so easy for a new mum to fall into the trap of living in her stretchy pants, uncombed hair, never reaching for her makeup bag or getting her nails done or stepping into a pair of high heels. I am guilty of all these things. Looking put together to some, as a mum, may even brand you a mum that “hasn’t got her priorities straight”.

Mummy can learn too

However, I have come to realise that being a mum motivates you to become more efficient and has made me a better timekeeper. I think if I had had my daughter in my early twenties I certainly would not have coped.

She has inspired me to sleep less, become a morning person, be better at managing my time and multi-tasking. She has taught me patience, even when I’m drained and want nothing more than some alone time in the bath with some lit candles and a book and to not listen to Five Little Monkeys, Ducks or Penguins for the 100th time. She has taught me how to be selfless and to always put her first in everything I do, for her well-being, for her happiness and for her future.

Amidst all the chaos of accidentally tripping on Duplo pieces or laundry, you need to re-fold several times as the little one just loooves unfolding them as much as she loves jiggling to Little Baby Bum; there needs to be something you do for You.

To all the mums out there, it’s ok to look put together. You deserve it!

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Styling | Shan Lee

Photography | Cristiana Malcica



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