Monday Blues


February in London usually brings about charting fevers that are as steamy as a hot summers day with stuffy noses that only inhaling the mists of a hot eucalyptus steeped towel tented water bath could remedy. I had my run in with a cold just last week. Though, I’m a firm believer in dressing to distract from puffy eyes and a hacking cough especially when tomorrow is Valentine’s day!

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies”


Valentine’s day to couples is a day of reminding each other why they are special. For singletons, it may be a reminder of loneliness or even to some, a relief of having to make any effort.

(Just in case you were looking for some last minute Gift Ideas, I’ve compiled a His and Hers Gift Guide Below)

Living in London, I have had the pleasure of meeting friends from all corners of the globe. I was so unexpectedly and pleasantly surprised last year when I received Valentine’s gifts from some of my Japanese girlfriends. They explained to me this is a common tradition in Japan where Valentine’s day is celebrated among friends as much as couples.

So when can I buy a kimono and someone adopt me, please?

Why isn’t it more of a general love day among ALL soul mates?

The Look

I decided to invest in a cobalt blue hug to brave the British weather. The colour drawing both Smurfette eccentricity and English bluebells to mind, both of which I welcome with an enthused “YAS” just because I was having a teenage dream moment and decided not spelling properly made me feel a tad bit cooler for a second there.

A sensible weather friendly cosy fair isle jumper added colour to my favourite pair of comfy distressed jeans. Some killer corsetted heels and my Antigona to finish off the look. I bet you would be completely surprised by where the shoes are from.

(Check out the Shop My Wardrobe section below to find out)


Styling | Shan Lee

Photography | Cristiana Malcica


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