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There’s something truly satisfying about the extreme commercialisation of Christmas in the States. So here I sit, writing this post by our log fire in our cabin by the Lake in Tahoe awaiting the snowstorm to pass so we can mosey on outside and be lovingly overwhelmed by the abundance of Christmas lights, carollers and the whole shebang.


It is this time of year I love to reflect and give thanks for all our blessings. This is one last post before I shut my computer, turn off my mobile phone, slap on my winter wellies and head to Heavenly Village to soak up the Christmassy vibes and catch up on some much needed family time with my best attempt at getting my Hygge on. I hope you will do the same and get out there and share the joy with your family, friends , neighbours and strangers.

(shutting my comp for 2016)

Now, back in London again after the New Year I’m still on Holiday High… Hello There 2017! Happy New Year Everyone ! I can hardly wait for what this new year will bring!

Anyone Made any Interesting New Year Resolutions?

Mine is to simply focus on a healthy work-life balance. Hence, my decision to continue this post in 2017.

I think as a hands-on  new mum, I know its not always easy to juggle that job, family and still find time to appreciate togetherness.

To appreciate the little things in life, like when you return from the slopes from skiing, your feet aching from the turns, shins probably aching from bad technique (me definitely). You find a chair, flop down, still wearing your ski suits. Too tired to change or talk. Too tired to do anything more than just sit there, appreciate the baby has had a good time in the mountain creche and appreciate the smell of freshly brewed coffee tickling your senses from that open-planned kitchen top. Its time to enjoy each other in silence, take in the glorious views and breathe in the fresh air.

Though that doesn’t mean we exclude ourselves from that New Year Party! Oh no siree!

 With that in mind, I thought I’d share with you my Holiday Party outfit.

There’s something so uplifting about the colour red at Christmas and New Year. Coupled with some sparkle to me, it just screams Happy Holidays! Don’t you think so ?  Not forgetting my quirky kitty ears … yes they aren’t just reserved for Halloween .. I love them all year round …whenever kitty decides to come out to play!

The detail on this embellished velvet jacket has got to be one of my favourites to date. I always shop for unique statement pieces; be it in surprising high street finds which you never dreamt they could produce at such an affordable price or rummaging through that designer vintage store and squealing for joy after stumbling upon a one of a kind hand me down heirloom that lost its way into your very fortunate hands.

I paired this boxy structured jacket with a cascading hi -low skirt and finished it with a fun beaded drawstring pouch and gladiator stilettos to add a touch of femininity and glamour.

My one piece of advice I always live by is;

Always dress for yourself and what makes you happy never for someone else.

If kitty ears make you happy today so be it!



Styling | Shan Lee

Photography | Victoria Metaxas


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