Let’s Get Snuggly!



It’s that time of year when you have to break out that snuggly bear coat. To be honest, I rather look like like I’ve brought the bedding with me than risk shivering in my knickers. Though, no one says bringing the bedding should mean walking around having committed fashion suicide or have PETA members pelt you with paintballs outside Harrods for having supported the killing of furry little ones.

A perfectly decent looking faux fur coat will do just fine. What I like about this one is its warm, without looking bulky and can be fastened up to cover my neck when the chilly winds blow- this is always a plus.

I paired it with a white cotton shirt and a wine coloured leather pencil skirt cinched at the waist with a high waisted corset belt. This always adds curves where there are none.  Win!

I followed this Autumnal shade of red with a few nude accents , Chloe scallop edged pumps and my Hermes Birkin. To add a tad bit of sparkle I decided to add my embellished headband that adds a nod to that secret Blair Waldorf  headband-loving wannabe in all of us… even if its only whilst sheepishly watching  Gossip Girl on a small screen hiding in the laundry room and completely vehemently denying it to friends when asked afterwards.


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