Big Ben and Tweed Please

As far back in my adolescence as I can remember were my first few trips to the UK visiting schools with my parents.

I remember being more intrigued  with the bunnies hopping around the grounds than the actual school …

there you go my first impression age 5 – white fluffy bunnies that roamed freely in Sound of Music-like meadows. 




Clearly, I hadn’t been visiting schools in Central London at that age.

The UK has been close to my heart, having lived both out of London and within; and it being the birth place of my baby daughter. London has become so much more to me than a place that I read Law, so much more than the 90s music fan in me that loves the Spice Girls, more than my love for Bridget Jones and “Get the London Look” Kate Moss , Hogwarts and my obsession with British Regency , Mr Darcy, Downtown Abbey and The Crown.

As I look upon the majestic clock that is Big Ben, even on this grey skied day, the Gothic revival styled masterpiece of Pugin is truly an Icon. I wait in anticipation as the grey clouds roll away from the Houses of Parliament, where I know many are split over the decision of Brexit and perhaps  the news of Donald Trump; the first rays of sunshine hits the sandstone and reflects hope to the hoards of tourists eagerly awaiting that perfect picture that lines Westminster Bridge…I dare breathe a sigh of contentment.

This is HOME.

“To Improve is to Change; To Perfect is to Change Often”

Winston Churchill



Some may say this outfit I have styled is quintessentially Parisian with its Black Beret, Vintage Chanel Brooch, Hermes Kelly, Polka Dotted Sheer-ish Blouse and Knee High Black Boots; what’s probably missing from this look is un Café Créme at hand to wake my morning face up. Though, funnily enough, my first encounter with Plaid was in Primary School with our Green Gingham dresses, knee high socks and Black Brogues, which at the time, to me was my first taste of anything British. Ofcourse the frilly sleeved Gingham Dress has now evolved with age into a Clueless Cher-esque two piece suit._m2a8812e

Black Beret

Also Love this One

Polka Dot Blouse

N. Peal Cashmere Scarf Also Love This

Two Piece Blazer and Skirt

Also Love this One and This One

Hermes Kelly Bag Also Here and Here

Chanel Vintage Brooch Also Here and Here

Stuart Weitzman Knee High Boots Also Here and Here

Boucheron Quatre ring


Photography | Victoria Metaxas

Styling | Shan Lee


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