Tried and Tested | Luxury Beauty Heroes| Part 1

If you’re like me and are one of those that don’t want to fill your bathroom shelf with hundreds of products you never use,

 Look no further!

After doing just what I said I didn’t want to do (fill my shelves with products I never use); to the point where my friend subtly hinted at a Marie Kondo book to be rid of my unnecessary Beauty Junkie clutter…

I decided it was time to narrow it down to my Beauty Heroes and bin the rest.



Créme de la Mer

I first tested this cream in my teens and at that time I was suffering from a serious case of Teen and Hormonal Cystic Acne, this was not caused by this cream of course, but residing in a tropical country; coupled with overactive oil glands …I found that while the cream did not aggravate my acne, it did seem to activate my oil glands more….so I decided to use the remainder of the product on my body instead, to keep from walking around with a reflective T-Zone. I shall be covering my journey to Acne-Free skin in another post- so keep a look out!

Several Years On, however, settling back in London and no longer suffering from acne, I decided to give the cream another go. My skin then being much drier on the surface but still generally sensitive; I found this moisturiser to be my go-to skin thirst quencher- especially during the wintery months and use it to this day.

Just a penny sized dollop is enough to cover my entire face. It also works wonders on my wrists and hands which have gotten excessively dry due to the number of times I wash my hands after nappy changes and milk-bottle washes. Those of you who are hands on mums may know what I’m talking about!. They were cracking and red but La Mer did the trick for me after trying many other creams. I know it’s rather indulgent but I’m now pain-free and who can put a price on that!

For the summer months or if you have more sensitive skin, try the soft cream HERE. This is lighter and absorbs really well. I despise moisturisers that leave you looking like a well-oiled frying pan but this one goes on like a dream and leaves no residue! A little goes a long way and generally, a 30 ml miracle broth pot lasts about 3 months!

Best: Everywhere Luxury Moisturiser for Winter Months

Artis Brush

It took a while before I could bring myself to justify the purchase of these brushes and went through a phase of purchasing cheaper alternatives that looked similar. Though, not being able to shake my curiosity; I took the plunge and purchased my very first Oval 10 after watching Kylie Jenner’s make up artist use it on her face.

I must say, I was sceptical at first and was sure that this was merely a new gimmick championed by celebrities and make up gurus alike but I was pleasantly surprised at the difference it made in both my face cream and makeup absorption.

There definitely have been times when I’ve been in a rush; prior to getting the Artis brushes and have had my foundation streaking my face with brush strokes like an unintentional oil painted canvas- certainly not cute!. I know those of you who are makeup enthusiasts must be screaming Blend! Blend! Blend! at the screen but sometimes you just don’t have time for that serum to absorb before slathering on your foundation with a brush and the trouble with that is what you are left with – the brush stroke foundation trails. Well… Bye bye, brush stroke trails and Hello well blended make up with the Artis!.

Another plus I found is it manages to pick up less product than other brushes which is a definite Win! Anything to make my foundation pot last longer!

Just a quick note| I found the Oval 10 to be a very generously sized brush for my face which can even double as a body brush. It feels like a Jellycat bunny to your skin when applying body creams and shimmer powders… Ahhhhh ….Just Heavenly and one less massage I have to book!.

If you’re looking for just the one brush and a smaller commitment, I would suggest the Oval 6  as with this size you can get into the hollows of your eye socket and the sides of your nose which might be a bit of a task with the Oval 10.

Those of us, not used to the toothbrush-like angle try the Palm Brush. Finally, Here are the full Artis sets if you wanna treat yourself to a selection. And here is their video on how to clean the brushes | View HERE

Best : Must have tool for streak-free foundation application

Sarah Chapman Age Repair Serum

A friend who was was working for a luxury multi-label beauty company first introduced me to this brand and I had not known much about it apart from stumbling upon their boutique in Sloane Square a few years back.

It was not until after I had my baby and ballooned into a beached whale did I suddenly have panic attacks about having the life sucked out of me and my skin- quite literally; and went a-hunting for the best restore-me-back-to-my-youth serum.

A few mini pumps on my finger tips and its yellowy velvety soft cream made me feel younger already LOL.

Great if you are in your late twenties, early thirties or simply hungover and need a little oomph in your skin regime. After using it now for about a year my skin feels hydrated and dewy with less sensitivity in my problem areas.

Put it on after you cleanse and tone, before you get some shut eye or on a flight to wake up with renewed skin. If you can, follow it with the Overnight Facial for the ultimate skin difference.

Find it Online | Here

Best: First Anti-Aging Cream

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

My first encounter with this cream was on a beach holiday and my eager- to- tan self overdid it just a bit. A friend of mine whipped out this tube of rescue cream.

I tried it- with its vaseline-like texture, it seemed to melt into my skin yet adding a protective barrier. It’s safe to say that this cream worked its wonders.

This baby now travels with me wherever I go.

It’s great on the ski slopes too! For chapped lips or to protect against the drying wind.

At home, Use it to treat cuticles or as an aftershave salve for irritated skin.

It literally is the most versatile cream ever!

Find it Online| Here

Best: Travel All-purpose Cream

Eve Lom Rescue Mask

This mask is a clay mask and sucks up impurities like a good ol’ Dyson hoover. When I’m having one of my monthly eruptions I am sure to slap on my Green Goblin mask, make myself a cup of tea, order in some Jin delivery and answer the door to the delivery man. If he’s a friendly one why not take a Wefie with him and his who’s this masked psychopath face and you’re pretty much ready to sit down and watch an episode of The Last Kingdom and pretend you are that dreamy sorceress-yes the one that Uhtred did not abandon.

Next, I like to run my Eve Lom muslin under some hot water and steam my face like one of those muslins they lay over steamed paus to keep them moist. Do this for a few minutes then wash off. If you have one of those nasties that are just a hard lump with no eye of the pimple, you will soon have one with this done and it shall be ready for gentle extraction and somewhat perverse complete satisfaction afterwards.

Find It Online | Here

Best: Clay Mask for Sensitive Combination Skin

Eve Lom Cleanser

This is a balm cleanser and can be scooped out with a spatula to be warmed on your fingertips. It does remove makeup traces well though I always prefer to use a separate eye make up remover to completely remove all traces of waterproof mascara. ( Will be sharing my favourite drugstore eye make up remover in a post about my Drugstore Favourites soon!)

Make like a steamed pau with the Muslin and hold it gently against your face to open your pores and let the product seep into deep cleanse. Repeat to gently remove the excess product and you will feel your pores tighten once you’re done.

My only reservation about this product is its packaging in a pot with a spatula- doesn’t help when you are in a rush trying to get ready for your meeting packed day or rushing to get the baby fed and ready for Gymboree. So the lovely people at Eve Lom thought of this and came up with the Morning Time Cleanser which is in a twist top toothpaste like bottle which makes for quick dispensing of the product- Perfect for Mornings and when you are in a rush.

Find it Online| Here and Here

Best: Deep Cleanser for All Skin Types

Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial

If you are fair skinned and are prone to pigmentation this elixir of vitamin filled, skin brightening and plumping, jasmine and rose scented potion of goodness will be your ultimate skin lullaby at night putting you to rest with the assurance of an illuminated complexion upon your rise.

Add a few tiny pumps over the Sarah Chapman Age Repair Serum Here and you’ve got the dynamic duo to combat forehead ripples and skin laxity.

Find it Online | Here

Best: Night Oil for Skin Brightening and Plumping

So you know I couldn’t narrow it down to just 7 wonders so we had to split this post into two parts focusing on skincare alone.  Following that will be Warpaint for your Game Face and the Ultimate in Hair Care ( if you check out my Instagram Here you’ll probably see I’ve gone platinum blonde and constantly give my hair severe stress- hence the need for Hair Rescue).

Hope you have a lovely Week Ahead! Don’t forget to take time to spoil your skin once in a while… You Totally Deserve it!

Do let me know your results if you do decide to try any of these products in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

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